Behind: Ice (The Beginning Of Knud & Henri)

In spring 2015 I all of a sudden decided to blog again. Fun fact, I wasn’t sure what to blog about. All I knew, I wanted to create a place just for me, where I can share things I really like.

After a while I called the blog Knud & Henri – two names I connect two great places with. When I’m there, I’m happy. All I needed was still the content. No big deal.

During this period I started a new job at an online magazine. And taking photos was (and still is today) part of my work.

My phone camera was really bad at that time, my digital camera even worse. So I asked my dad, if I could borrow his reflex camera. If you are even a little familiar with these cameras you probably know, they aren’t that easy to use.

My sister is a photographer, she has helped me a lot since the very first day. Without her Knud & Henri definitely wouldn’t exist as it does now.

So I started to practice. I put the camera on a tripod focusing on a table area at home. Then I took any item I could find in my room, like a teddy bear, a watch, a pencil and placed them next to each other on the table. I tried to take the photos as differently as possible – focusing differently, with different exposure, with different depth of field …

And most of the time I couldn’t start to photograph until I haven’t arranged all the items a little bit – obviously to make them look better together, to make the picture itself look better. And I kept doing this practicing style for weeks.

I have always liked this little silver basket from Uashmama. Actually I bought it as an Easter basket filled with little gifts for my family. Now it belongs to my mum.

I wanted to take a picture starring this basket. So I went through my parents flat and grabbed everything that was silver as well, and a white tablecloth.

Then – according to my “arranging routine” I was already completely used to – I placed the silver items in the basket on the tablecloth and took the picture. Later I added some colour with a tangerine.

I asked my sister what picture of all I had taken she liked the most – we chose the same one. ‘Ice’ is the first picture on this blog and the beginning of Knud & Henri – published on 28 December 2015.

It seems as if I have found my content.

How ‘Ice’ turned out in the end – you can see it here.


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