Behind: Name Day

Name Day I



My mum got me this vase for my name day. And I definitely wanted to take a picture with it, but it took me quite a while to figure out, how to design the picture ‘Name Day’.


Name Day II


Here are all of my attempts:

1. 19.2.2016

Name Day III


2. 20.2.2016

Name Day IV


3. 7.3.2016

Name Day V


4. 7.3.2016

Name Day VI


5. 11.3.2016

Name Day VII


6. 11.3.2016

Name Day VIII


7. 15.3.2016

Name Day IX


8. 15.3.2016

Name Day X


See the finished picture ‘Name Day’ here – published on 22.4.2016.

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