Behind: Frames



I really like to work with “paper on the wall”. Therefor I cut paper in the shape I want it to be and stick it on a wall in my flat. The series ‘Fallen Frame’ and ‘Frames II’ were the beginning of that work style. 


The pictures you see here weren’t actually meant to be published. I basically wanted to show the “changing process” behind the finished pictures ‘Fallen Frame’ and ‘Frames II’.




About a year ago I watched a documentary about an exhibition in a gallery in New York. The gallery displayed the art work in simple, minimal, black frames.




I liked the look of the symmetrically hanging frames on the wall.




But, for my picture I didn’t want to buy actual frames. I decided to work with paper instead. So my frames here are made of paper. I started with the black ones, sticking frame after frame on the wall.




Because it was so much effort to attach the frames completely symmetrically on the wall, I never took all of them off. So, when I was finished with the black version, I changed a black frame into a grey frame, frame after frame – not to lose the form in general.




During this “changing process” a single frame accidentally fell on the floor, what created a new look and I actually really liked it.




See the finished picture series ‘Fallen Frame‘ and ‘Frames II‘ here.

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